Saturday, November 12, 2005

Norbert Brainard and the Verdi A-432

Norbert Brainard was a violin virtuoso. He founded the Amati String Quartet. He passionately supported the use of the "Mozart A'" of 432 Hz "in opposition to today’s absurdly high “Karajan tuning” of A well above 440 Hz."

In Italy this came to be known as the Verdi A:
"In a parliamentary hearing in Rome, which became the basis for a parliamentary initiative to pass a law on the “Verdi A,” Prof. Bruno Barosi, the director of the world-renowned International Institute of Violin Making, in Cremona, Italy, invited brainin to his laboratory, recorded certain tones (and their octaves) both in the low and high tuning, did a spectral analysis, and finally evaluated the findings.

The other findings were not so surprising, but equally clear: The lower tuning created a larger sum of overtones, which explains the fuller sound; it was also proven, that Brainin’s Strad had its best resonance by far at exactly C=256 Hz, which is about A=432 Hz."

Passing a law to command the use of this frequency seems a little extream, (not to mention unlikely.)

Still, we can choose to use this frequency if we have a tunable instrument. Strings anyone?

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