Sunday, April 09, 2006

Banish Misfortune

Last month's public performance on March 16th went well, as far as the A-432 is concerned. The music sounded very normal.

The only hassle was a feed back problem induced by inexperience and slightly mismatched microphones on the violins. Can't blame Mozart for that.

I'm using the occasion of this message to announce my major project for this year: the Money Tunes.

This is a multi-media project. The big hairy part is producing the concept tunes for the album. the creative work is well under way. I've lined up partners for the recording. There's still a lot of work to do.

Another part of it is the philosophy of Money Energy. The web site carries the writing of the explanations, the insights, the knowledge factor.

The first essay in this series is Banish Misfortune. This also is the name of a fiddle tune. It's one of the tunes selected for my current music project, Money Tunes. You will find a link to the MP3 file on
Grassapelli Banishes Misfortune

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Mouse loves Elephant said...

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