Friday, October 29, 2010

Fiddle and Violin Again

I just can't beat this topic to death, can I?

I can't stop spreading my beliefs around the net. Now it's Yahoo that gets the update.

Here is a slightly revised definition of the question, "What's the difference between violin and fiddle?"

It's no last word. I keep thinking of my recent speculation on where pop violin fits into the picture. So many players want to call it fiddling.

Okay, it's the violinists that want to call it fiddling. Well, they get a vote, too. They have some expertise in the subject from a violinists point of view.

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The Bald Fiddler said...

I just discovered your blog and look forward to following it. I appreciate your referenced comments on the difference between a violin and a fiddle. I find in my own journey as a "fiddler" that having started out as a "bluegrass/old time" fiddler I am gravitating towards learning more about the violin from a classical perspective. I frequently am approached when performing by classically trained violinists who admit to a desire to be more improvisational. My conclusion: Once you fall in love with the instrument, no matter where the journey begins, it becomes as much about mastery of the instrument itself as it does the style of music played.

Incidently, I enjoy your playing and have heard you often at the Florida Folk Festival.