Friday, June 22, 2007

Other Fiddle Blogs

The theme and purpose of this blog is to advocate the tuning pitch of A-432. We can call it the Mozart A, the Verdi A, or the organic A. It's all A to me.

Much of what I wish to say about music belongs elsewhere. That's why I have made two other blogs.

Fusion Fiddle describes my playing, my esthetic, and my intention. General opinion's and tips belong there.

My new band Fiddle Matrix is using a blog to help organize our practices and communications.

1 comment:

Gregor said...


Great Blog, I tune my fiddle down a half step, from standard. Sort of the same idea right? I'm going to give a try at going to A-432. I love your blogs, mind if I blogroll you? Do you plan on adding more content here or are you all finished up?