Friday, June 01, 2007

Out Ahead of the Fiddler A-432 Curve

In the time since my last post, I haven't convinced anyone of the efficacy of A-432 tuning for the fiddle. Well, there is one exception, myself.

I've been into it for a while. Even so, I would pick up my A-440 violin as often as not. Whatever was handy.

Now, I go to extra effort to unpack and prep the A-432 fiddle for a practice session. At some point I began to believe that I could practice longer and with less physical stress on that one.

A few weeks ago I gave the first program in The Money Tunes live at the New Port Richey Library. The room was packed, thanks to a timely article in The Suncoast News by Cheryl Bentley. The article even hints of "a different pitch."

The program went well. People liked it. They accept the slight difference in pitch without conscious effort. It just works.

Maybe on this issue of tuning to A-432, I'm just too far ahead of the curve for most musicians.

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