Saturday, June 14, 2008

A-432 Keeps Growing Converts

A while back I thought I was done. I was wrong.

Interest in the Mozart A-432 is growing. I'm starting to compile a list of web sites that discuss the matter. If you know of one, clue me in.

As a search term, I'm also using C-256. That's middle C. It's completely compatible with A-432.

Over the time that I've been using this tuning for my daily practice, I have gradually increased the time I put in without feeling any additional stress.

Also, the fiddle I've been using continues to get a richer and richer sound. It isn't a quality violin by any means. I think it was a student violin that a craftsman re-graduated to improve the tone.

I used it last night at a gig at the Tampa Club. It was a small gathering with a "bayou" theme. The fiddler makes it a party.

Several times the group put down their eating utensils to give applause. There were several moments when I was so impressed by the sounds coming from the violin, I thought I reached a new level of artistry.

I owe a lot to the A-432 tuning.

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