Friday, June 20, 2008

Finding Luanne Oakes

Many times in writing about the Mozart A-432, I refer to Dr. Luanne Oakes. Finding her online is not as intuitive as it could be.

She use to have her own web site, but now, apparently, does not. While it was up I got a terrific CD, Jade Wu Life Force.

I use it as ambient sound, to raise my mood. Also, it is a good CD for breathwork.
It is not the best intro to her work, though. For that I recommend Spiritual Alchemy.

That was my get acquainted with A-432 album from Nightingale-Conant.
It has extensive discussion of the matter as a healing frequency, lots of stories, much insight into self-healing and self-actualization.

It also includes individual sound-scapes that balance and strengthen each chakra in the body. My experience with these sound-scapes convinced me of the efficacy of A-432.

Below is a hint of what it is:
Spiritual Alchemy

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Michael said...

The fantastic CD, "Jade Wu Life Force"
is now available in Dr. Oakes' brand new 8 audio
program called:
"The Temple Of Rejuvenation"
offered by Nightingale
Jade Wu is a bonus CD and has been upgraded. It was already fantastic and now even more wonderful!!!!!!
*This is her best program ever. If you want new tools to feel great, order this program!