Thursday, August 14, 2008

Playing in Bands

After the crumbling dissolution of my former band, FiddleMatrix, I paused.

There is a saying: When one door closes, go and stand next to it waiting for opportunity to knock. At the right time, something new will show up.

For me the new was the Crystal Beach String Band. After just one rehearsal I did a gig with them at the Witchs' Brew in Palm Harbor.

We have continued working together and the band is now playing in the tuning of A-432!

It feels very good to create music with them in this natural tonality.

The next new thing was Gypsy Star. This is all original music by Billy Kean. We will do our first public performances later this month. The band is a reformulation of his previous band of the same name.

The band broke up under a combination of Billy's dissatisfaction with the sound and some soap opera thrown in for good measure.

This band is not in A-432 yet. Still the music is fun. Like Jessie Cook and Loreena McKennitt.

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