Friday, September 10, 2010

A-432 Search Leads to the Crystal Beach String Band

Jim Rhodes, the reluctant leader of the Crystal Beach String Band, told us how he got an order for our new CD in the mail. Apparently, our new fn found us through searching on the term A-432.

I don't believe there is anything on the band's web site about A-432. (I just looked.) The fan found the site address from another site, presumably. I make no assumption it was this one, though it may have been. (I've written about the band and linked from the post to the band web site.

From the activity of our new fan, I am leaping to a conclusion that A-432 is a stronger idea than many people think.

Those who are pursuing information and sounds in this tuning will go an extra mile or so to get what they want.

I also believe the band should put up at least a page about our tuning and why we use it. All in favor say Aye--(in 432!). 

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