Monday, September 06, 2010

Knilling Perfection Pegs to the Rescue

I may not have written much about the Bradivarius pick up I'm using on my fiddle. I am an advocate. It has given me a good reliable sound every time in every place I play.

The thing is, I'm no longer using one violin for A-432 and another for A-440. I had to retune my gig violin repeatedly.

Before this, I was using a Yamaha Sax microphone. I could switch it from one violin to another easily. But, it was a finicky device. Outside the gain sweet spot, it was too quiet, or howled with feed back.

To solve the tuning problem I got Knilling Perfection Pegs. Note: the web site is Flash driven.

They have worked out very well. I can easily tune up to 440 or down to 432 when I wish. It takes only seconds and is effortless.

I got my pegs on eBay for about $70. Then, I had a local luthier put them in my fiddle for another $35. Truly, one of the better investments I've made in my fiddle.

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