Saturday, February 19, 2011

Middle C in Natural Tuning

There is a tuning for middle C that fits A-432 harmoniously. Maybe even perfectly. That tuning is C-256 Hz. This has been the scientific standard for middle C for decades.

Current standard is C-267 plus something past the decimal point. Just another number to defy the natural order.

I posted a video presentation on Tonic Power with Middle C.

I have tuning forks from scientific surplus that are 256 and 128 Hz. Also not long ago I got a tuning fork that vibrates at 432 Hz.

Maybe we are starting to come full circle here.


Kairologic said...

Check it out! I have discovered how the modern "second" in international time standards offers us a precise divisor for the unison note by which to derive all the notes of the chromatic scale... A=432, for sure, but it's so much more than that!

grassapelli said...

Thanks for sharing your insight. I just followed your link to Lulu and purchased your book. I'm looking forward to the discussion of tempo. My fast tempo target is 108 beats a minute. Sound familiar?